Deloitte HR survey


Deloitte HR survey

A snapshot of Swiss HR practices in national and international companies

The right HR strategy and structure is key to an organisation’s success. How do successful companies master this challenge? In order to gain insight, Deloitte conducted a study which assessed the structure of HR functions of national and international companies in Switzerland.

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About the study

Differences, similarities as well as best practices of HR organisations were identified through a survey across HR Managers of 33 companies. At the time of the survey, the participating companies employed between 200 and 150.000 people, covering six different industries. Firms connected to the federal administration were most prominent and almost half of the surveyed companies operated internationally.

Deloitte HR survey - A snapshot of Swiss HR

The big picture – marketplace and challenges for Swiss HR organisations

Two thirds of the participating firms implemented at least one HR Shared Service Centre (SSC) with mostly 10-50 employees engaged in order to bundle their HR functions. While most large companies already use HR SCCs, also smaller companies tend to increasingly structure their HR functions in SCCs.

The average HR-employee ratio of a HR-SSC full-time equivalent to Swiss employees is 1:275. A majority of companies, whether they operate nationally or internationally, predominantly provide HR services for Swiss employees in Switzerland. These services are typically available in three or more languages and mainly contacted via traditional channels. The participating companies increasingly integrate complex processes in their SSCs, up to multi-functional operations, and they organise their teams in both process and client groups (e.g. employees, managers and HR consultants).

Companies with SCCs generally deal with the same major challenges as traditional HR functions. Staff turnover, Service-Level Agreement (SLA) provision and training opportunities are big challenges regardless of the method of service provision. Quality of service and inefficient service provision are specific challenges of HR SSCs. In contrast, traditionally organised companies see costs and building know-how as additional challenges.

How Deloitte can support your organisation

Deloitte has deep knowledge and experience across the multiple phases of the HR transformation process, from vision and strategy to implementation and change management. We help CHROs around the world develop and implement leading HR transformation strategies and plans that are accurate and reliable. The specific services include:

  • Working with CHROs and business executives to align business and HR priorities and show how HR can support revenue growth, talent strategies and operational excellence
  • Identifying new and enhanced HR services that support the business’ strategies and service model
  • Building business cases and developing detailed implementation plans to support new or improved HR services
  • Developing and implementing plans for managing communication and change

What you can expect

  • An HR transformation strategy that fits the true needs of the business
  • Accurate and realistic HR transformation plans that companies can rely on
  • Support for strategic business objectives, such as revenue growth and global expansion
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