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Global and Swiss Human Capital Trends 2016

The new organisation: Different by design

Effective organisations today are built around highly empowered teams, driven by a new model of management, and led by a breed of globally diverse leaders. They are “different by design." More than 7,000 HR and business leaders from 130 countries responded to this year’s survey. From this research emerged 10 trends in organisation design and culture; in learning, leadership, and workforce management; and within the HR function itself.

We are pleased to share with you our key findings from the annual survey for the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report 2016 – one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Swiss country report

Swiss leaders have rated our Human Capital trends based on their importance for their organisation. The following chart shows the top 10 trends for Swiss leaders in comparison with Western European and Global leaders.

Swiss Human Capital Trends
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The result demonstrates that Swiss leaders are aligned around the globe in terms of top human capital trends.

A spotlight on the Swiss top 3 trends

  1. Organisational design - the rise of teams: Hierarchical organisational models aren’t just being turned upside down – they’re being deconstructed from the inside out. Businesses are reinventing themselves to operate as networks of teams to keep pace with the challenges of a fluid, unpredictable world.
  2. Engagement - always on: Employee engagement and retention today means understanding an empowered workforce’s desire for flexibility, creativity, and purpose. Under the evolving social contract between employer and employee, workers become “volunteers” to be reengaged and re-recruited each day.
  3. Leadership awakened - Generations, teams, science: Leaders of all ages, genders, and cultures are now poised to take the reins at organisations around the world. How ready will these future business leaders be to take charge in an increasingly complex global marketplace?

Global report

Sweeping global forces are reshaping the workplace, the workforce, and work itself. After years of struggling to drive employee engagement and retention, improve leadership, and build a meaningful culture, executives see a need to redesign the organisation.

Four powerful forces—from demographic upheavals and the rise of digital technology to rapid business-model innovation, and socially driven evolution in the employer-employee relationship—are driving change for both HR functions and the organisations they serve, creating talent challenges and potential solutions radically different from those faced by previous generations of leaders

Human Capital Trends 2016

Human Capital Trends interactive dashboard

This powerful tool allows you to respond to this year’s 10 trends, establish a baseline for your current HC function, and compare your organization’s responses to the responses from this year’s sample of over 7,000 participants.

How it works

Use the dashboard to rate each trend in terms of its importance to your organization and your organization’s readiness to respond to it. You can also establish a baseline for the current state of your HC function and use the dashboard to specify the companies from this year’s sample you would like to compare your responses to, based on global region, country, organization size, and industry.

You can modify your responses and comparison samples as many times as you like, comparing your organization to similar organizations or to organizations in different geographies or industries, or of different sizes.

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