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People are the most valuable asset of a company, with an innate drive to grow and learn. This drive becomes increasingly important to harness since the digital age is radically changing the way we work and posing new expectations on employees and their skills. In order to adapt to these challenges and stay ahead of the curve, a continuous and effective learning journey is critical. We need to go beyond the traditional focus of just skill development, towards providing a holistic and experiential learning journey, which is easy to use and available anywhere anytime.

At Deloitte learning, we have the right people, skills and experience to help you become a learning-centric organisation. We apply innovative learning tools and ensure that learning is embedded across the organisations through end-to-end solutions.

Within the learning offering team at Deloitte we are looking forward to support you in taking the next step to establish your future learning organisation.

How we see Learning solutions

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Learning supports the new career model

Organisations need to deliver learning that is always on and always available over a range of technology platforms. In addition, the concept of careers amongst employees is changing – with 60-year careers and continuous skill development needed to remain relevant in the job market. These realities are forcing companies to re-think the way they manage careers and deliver the 'always on, always available' learning and development opportunities.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte’s learning practice is embedded in the overall Human Capital offering. Therefore, it is closely linked to a diverse range of HR topics as well as HR specialists and beyond HR, e.g. Finance Transformation, M&A or Technology. This allows us to get immediate input and feedback from other areas and translate them into new ways of learning. We have a global learning network and expertise that we leverage to handle global scale development, delivery and develop tailored learning solutions. We apply a data driven approach to our learning solutions based on Bersin ( and other research findings. This allows us e.g. to benchmark the current state of the L&D organisation against Bersin’s High Impact Learning Organisation (HiLO) to identify the organisation’s maturity.

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Shubhra Saxena Kabra


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