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Organizations are challenged with new emerging risks as they seek profitable growth and attempt to maximize the return on capital by understanding the risk adjusted opportunities to deploy the capital. Deloitte’s Actuarial, Rewards & Analytics (ARA) practitioners help business leaders make informed decisions to grow revenue, manage risk and capital, reduce operational costs, and design compensation and reward programs to address critical business, financial, and insurance challenges. We work with many of the world’s leading financial services providers in Life, Property & Casualty insurance, as well as with Healthcare plans and providers, and provide Rewards and Risk management advice to organizations from all industries and all geographies.

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  • Core Actuarial
  • Regulatory, Risk & Capital Advisory
  • Insurance & Healthcare, Product & Underwriting Excellence
  • Finance & Actuarial Transformation
  • Pension Investment Advisory
  • Analytics, Machine Learning & Data Science
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Retirement Advisory & Risk Management
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring

Payroll Services in Switzerland

We no longer offer Deloitte Payroll Services in Switzerland.

Please see below access for existing clients.


2017 Deloitte Swiss Human Capital Trends

Rewriting the rules for the digital age

A number of converging issues are driving the need to "rewrite the rules." Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Individuals are relatively quick to adapt to ongoing innovations, but organizations move at a slower pace.

People analytics

Key contacts

Myriam Denk

Myriam Denk


Myriam has a broad range of experience across Human Capital global transformation projects and she is the leader of the Human Capital team in Switzerland. She has experience in developing and managing... More

Matthias Thalmann

Matthias Thalmann


Matthias is a Partner in Deloitte’s Human Capital Consulting Practice, based in Zurich. Matthias has more than 17 years of international business consulting experience. He collaborates with complex, g... More