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Enter Agile

Agile is a way of working that emphasizes iterative planning and delivery. It aims to deliver value to customers early and often, and is specifically designed to deal with complexity in unpredictable environments. From its roots in product and software development, Agile is now spreading rapidly across industries.

Scaling Agile beyond individual projects and programs to work throughout the enterprise is challenging. Highly complex business and regulatory environments, legacy systems and bureaucratic, siloed organizational structures are as much of a hindrance to embedding Agile as they are to daily operations. Overcoming these necessitates looking across the entire organization - from technology to people, processes and governance.

Agile is not easy, and it does not happen overnight. That said, when executed correctly, it is proven to make the inevitability of change not only manageable but rewarding as well.

Our Approach

Executing an enterprise level transformation or scaling Agile to a program or portfolio level requires a holistic approach that considers all aspects of an operating model as well as the organization’s culture, capabilities and context. A one-size-fits-all approach is simply not sufficient.

Deloitte’s proven transformation approach can be applied to all current enterprise Agile frameworks to guide clients through their journey. We optimize the people, processes, tools and architecture needed to take clients from vision, to adoption, and ultimately to scale. The knowledge and insights we share with clients are based on successful Agile transformations with clients across the globe.

Case study

One global financial services company turned to Deloitte when it sought a new way to develop software that would help enable new digital banking options for its customers. Driven to be more innovative, our client looked to scale and accelerate Agile adoption by creating product-based teams empowered to innovate and deploy their products independently across the platform.

Our Capabilities

After leading many transformations globally, we have found the best results come when Agile principles are used to execute Agile transformations. Leveraging the vast experience of our 3,800 dedicated global Agile transformation experts we excel because we:

  • Tailor Agile to our client's industry and organizational context, building on all recognized international frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS, Spotify and Nexus. In addition, we have a business relationship with Lean Startup Co.
  • Bring proven accelerators and tools, including our Agile Lab, Agile Maturity Scan, Retrospective IQ App,  Agile Leadership Assessment and Agile Organisation framework to kickstart client transformation journeys
  • Support clients at all points along their transformation journey; designing and delivering Agile transformations, providing quality assurance and setting up Agile enterprise ventures
  • Train and coach teams, program management and executive leadership in basic, advanced, certified and executive Agile learnings. We have directly trained and coached over 10,000 client professionals globally to date
  • Bring insights  and the latest thinking on Agile, based on our presentations at conferences, thought leadership and regular contribution to the Wall Street Journal


Alex Hadorn

Alex Hadorn


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Sven Dillmann

Sven Dillmann


Sven is an Agile Coach and has a proven track record of forming & managing high performing teams and leading Agile transformations. He is a certified Scrum Master (CSM, PSM I), SAFe Product Owner and ... More