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The C-Suite Innovation Programme

Being successful in an exponential world

Deloitte takes large companies' leadership on exponential growth journeys. We are working together with Silicon Valley's most eminent innovators and best-selling authors.

Over the last 5/10 years, we have learned how to scale technology seamlessly. Yet, building organisations has been linear and incremental. As a result of accelerating change, a new breed of businesses is scaling ten times faster than established organisational structures. They are called exponential organisations or ExOs.

What can large corporations learn from them?

We bring these insights to the executive boards via:
  • Exponential innovation workshops
  • Dinners on the Edge
  • Ecosystem access
In these activities we will take you on an Exponential Innovation Journey by:
  • Providing executives with an overview on new business models and exponential technologies
  • Explaining the characteristics of ExOs and why Global leading companies should build these characteristics into their DNA
  • Engaging board level discussions on how to shift to new strategy approaches to operate effectively in this exponentially changing world
  • Roadmapping how companies could benefit from these characteristics and new approaches. Be a disruptor not the disrupted
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