Motivated, optimistic
but training neglected

The voice of the workforce
in Switzerland

Switzerland’s labour market is in very good shape, with low unemployment, high salaries and a skilled labour force. However, major challenges lie just over the horizon. The trend represented by digitalisation will increasingly force employees to develop new and different skills. Meanwhile, against a backdrop of demographic change and the ageing of society, companies will need to make better use of so far unexploited pools of labour.

This study focuses less on the outlook for companies and more on what lies ahead for employees. The aim is to analyse their needs, attitudes and motivations and identify approaches to the challenging labour market trends that lie ahead. The study is based on the findings of a survey of 15,000 people across ten European countries, including 1,000 respondents in Switzerland. All participants were aged 25 or over and were either in employment or seeking work.

The study makes five specific recommendations for action to tackle the challenges identified. Most of these recommendations are addressed by companies but also merit consideration by the government and individual employees.

Key findings


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Employment models

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Lifelong learning

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