The Blockchain Practice


The Blockchain Practice

A specialist team dedicated to applying distributed ledger technologies

Is your business ready for Blockchain?

Imagine a shared computer accessible to anyone, a single source of truth within which to store events, ownership and activities, and to execute workflow involving multiple parties without the use of separate systems and databases - and with no reconciliation required.

It will change the way digital services are provided across all industries globally. Blockchain changes the rules, prepare for disruption or prepare to disrupt.

Next generation solutions

A blockchain is a platform for value in all forms to be managed, and for consumers, organisations and regulators alike to connect and interact securely across a rapidly accelerating range of use-cases.

Cut through the hype

Start-ups and established enterprises across all industries are busy building a new generation of highly automated digital, distributed and decentralised systems, solutions and services. The hype has reached fever pitch, and our specialists are focussed on separating the hype from the reality.

Smart Identity: Next generation digital identity for individuals, organisations and IoT devices

Deloitte’s Smart Identity platform is changing the way both customers and organisations manage digital identity. Smart Identity offers new ways for individuals, organisations and even the Internet of Things (IoT) devices obtain and use verified identity credentials to transact with one another.

Our offering

We offer a range of services from introductory training, strategic advisory and assisted prototyping right through to the delivery of production-ready enterprise solutions. Talk to us.

Key contacts

Jan Seffinga

Jan Seffinga


Jan is a Partner and leads the Cloud activities for Deloitte Switzerland. In this capacity he drives Deloitte activities in the area of Advice, Transform, and Operate in the context of cloud. A key ac... More

Lyndon Lyons

Lyndon Lyons

Senior Manager

Lyndon is a Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Strategy & Operations practice, with over 12 years experience gained across consultancy, banking and the capital market industry. Over the years he has success... More

Andreas Bachmann

Andreas Bachmann


Andy is a Manager within Deloitte Switzerland’s Programme Leadership practice and specialises in managing complex projects particularly in the Financial Services industry and related to Innovation. He... More