2015 global life sciences


2015 Global life sciences sector outlook

Adapting in an era of transformation

Aging populations, chronic/lifestyle diseases, emerging-market expansion, and treatment and technology advances are expected to spur life sciences sector growth in 2015. However, efforts by governments, health care providers, and health plans to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and demonstrate value is dramatically altering the health care demand and delivery landscape. It is becoming increasingly evident that the global life sciences sector is operating in an era of significant transformation.

The report outlines some of the top issues facing the global life sciences sector, provides a snapshot of activity in a number of geographic markets, and suggests considerations for companies as they seek to grow revenue and market share in 2015 and beyond.

Top life sciences sector issues for 2015

The extended nature of life sciences product development mandates that sector stakeholders adopt a long-term approach to strategic planning, portfolio management, and market expansion. However, organizations must also prepare for and react to near-term challenges and opportunities. Four major trends are expected to capture the sector’s attention in 2015: searching for innovation and growth; changing regulatory and risk environment; preserving and building shareholder value; and preparing for the “next wave.” The resulting challenges and opportunities can be both global and market-specific. Read on to learn more about these trends and suggested considerations for stakeholders.

2015 Global life sciences sector outlook

Market updates

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2015 Global Life Sciences Sector Outlook: Adapting in an era of transformation
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