Commercial Operations in Life Sciences

In Fulfilling, Life Sciences companies perform activities such as managing invoices and collections, enabling rebates and deductions, as well as dealing with the broader health care delivery landscape. A digital health ecosystem can both improve patient outcomes and reduce associated costs through digital solutions that increase value for HCPs and patients.

Patients are demanding transparency, convenience, affordability and personalized products and services, with Health Delivery Organizations (HDOs) struggling to address these expectations. Virtual health is therefore fast becoming a standard in care delivery, catalysed by the pandemic. A virtual health strategy will help drive tele-home care solutions to address capacity in outpatient clinics and allow for future scalability, through greater visibility into completed payments and more effective management of transactional data.

Fulfilling interventions present benefits to Life Sciences organisations, by:

  • Establishing a digital ecosystem to enable patients to access and self-manage their treatment.
  • Centralising payments management to enable greater visibility and ensure payments are captured through clear planning, processes, and enforcement of relevant policies.
  • Expanding the adoption of remote consultation and monitoring of patients, making the life cycle of care more efficient financially and operationally to diagnose, intervene, and treat conditions.

To optimise this approach to Fulfilling we have devised the following suite of solutions. Please refer to the respective downloads for further detail.

Through the next couple of weeks we will be launching the four deep dives. Stay tuned.

Download the deep dives & tools

Ecosystem, Care Model Innovation, and Finance and cash collection

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