Episode #7: What’s in store for healthcare and life sciences in 2025?    

Life Sciences Connect

What lies ahead for patients, your organisation and your workforce? In this podcast, we explore our predictions for the life sciences and health care industry in 2025, how the pandemic has accelerated industry trends and what this means for you.

Our host Karen Taylor, who leads Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions, speaks to Hanno Ronte, Life Sciences and Healthcare leader Monitor Deloitte, Shivani Maitra, in our Future of Work team, and Sara Siegel, Public Sector Healthcare lead.

This episode explores:

  • Key features of the life sciences and healthcare industry in the next 5 years
  • How the legacy of the pandemic has accelerated the future for all stakeholders in the health ecosystem
  • The role of collaboration, technology and new skills and talent.

Life Sciences Connect

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