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In the “Age of With”, an era where humans and machines collaborate and augment one another, it is more important than ever that technological advancement and human values intertwine. The intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), data, and health presents an extraordinary opportunity to transform lives and systems. This is a space where “the right thing to do” is also “the smart thing to do”, leveraging AI to provide direct, meaningful value for patients - such as enhanced access to care, advanced preventative measures, and insightful, personalised treatment plans - as well as for healthcare organisations by increasing efficiency, extending patient reach, and fostering effective health ecosystems.​

Generative AI holds immense potential to provide care that is more affordable and accessible, including for example offering AI-enabled personalised care solutions to previously underserved groups. AI can enable the transformation from solely providing care to promoting holistic well-being, by supporting interconnected health ecosystems and evolving patient-caregiver collaborations. As patients increasingly own their health data, it fuels a new dimension of personalisation, paving the way for AI to truly shape health and wellness journeys.​

Deloitte Partner Elizabeth Hampson - Health Equity and interplay with Responsible AI on 13 September from 14.10-14.30.

As a forward-thinking company, Deloitte stands poised to help organisations navigate this complex, yet promising landscape to drive and innovate patient-centric model. We aim to bring a holistic perspective of technology and strategy to build a shared vision of innovative and accessible health for all. The future of health is here, and together, we can make it intelligent, inclusive, and truly transformative. Let's take this journey together, step by step:

Health equity is the fair and just opportunity for every individual to achieve their full potential in all aspects of health and well-being. As AI increasingly plays a role in how we diagnose diseases, discover new treatments and engage with patients, it is crucial that we design solutions that explicitly consider and address the dynamics between health equity and AI. This entails for example representative (genomic) data sets to mitigate bias in treatment efficacy or AI enabling personalised care at a fraction of the cost for underserved groups. Join us to hear more insights and ideas to promote health equity through trustworthy AI and take part in creating an impact that matters for the Future of Health.

Aditya Kudumala - Exploring the real and potential impact of Generative AI and LLMs on the healthcare industry:

Hanno Ronte - Taking a multidisciplinary approach to product development – why including the patient and clinician voice:

The Path to GenAi: From Data to Intelligence

The secret to GenAi – meticulous data preparation. GenAi brings incredible potential to deliver transformative business value. With all the hype, it is easy to forget about the less exciting but highly critical preparation work – ensuring access to quality, reliable and trustworthy data for automated model development. Join us as we share our experience, practical strategies and insights as we embark on the journey from data to intelligence.



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