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Innovation reinvented

Challenges and solutions for Switzerland’s manufacturing industry

Over the past few years, the pressure on the Swiss manufacturing industry to innovate has intensified markedly and, with it, pressure on Switzerland and its industrial sector as flagships for innovation.

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Companies perceive challenges from three main trends:

  1. More rapid innovation processes among competitors, who are overtaking Swiss companies and forcing them to be reactive rather than proactive.
  2. Greater internationalisation of research and development (R&D), triggered in some cases by relocating production abroad.
  3. A changed perception of innovation as more than just traditional product innovation.

How can Swiss industrial companies respond to these challenges?

This study – Innovation Reinvented – offers answers to the following questions:

  • Efficiency in R+D: How can I manage innovation cycles that are becoming shorter and shorter? How can I boost the speed of innovation and the return on investment in innovation?
  • Customer value: How do I acquire knowledge about future customer requirements – or create those requirements? What innovations can I produce within my existing resources?
  • Financing: Which models of innovation financing should I choose? How are decisions made about allocating available R+D funding?
  • Organisation and resources: How can I make the process of managing R+D less complex? How can I set up integrated innovation management?
  • Staffing: How do I find, motivate and retain the best R+D staff? How can I ensure knowledge transfer between generations and between regions?
  • Internationalisation: How do I internationalise R+D or increase its international reach? How do I motivate a global R+D team to work together successfully?
  • Competitors: How can I maintain my company’s innovative edge over competitors? How do I assess the prospects for market success?
  • Bureaucracy: How do I manage the increasingly complex regulatory and licensing system in the area of R+D?  
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