Sourcing & Procurement


Sourcing & Procurement

Procurement in 2030 will look very different from today. This radical and rapid change is transforming how organisations source and procure the various goods and services they need to operate. As a result, new strategies, skills, knowledge, and tools are emerging to address today’s and tomorrow’s shifting challenges and opportunities.

Deloitte’s Sourcing & Procurement practice has a track record of tackling these challenges and enabling our clients to deliver and sustain measurable and impactful results. We have an end-to-end proposition portfolio covering diagnostics, strategy and operating model development, sourcing delivery, transformation, SSC / BPO and technology advisory, addressing the true challenges clients are facing today and providing a holistic answer and sustainable solutions. We support our clients’ aspirations by partnering to create and execute a tailored strategy through execution approaches that consider short versus long-term value trade-offs, knowledge transfer, culture change and capability building.

Eliminate blind spots – Extend your reach

Addressing challenges involves seeing things from a different perspective. This requires a comprehensive approach to defining and executing a procurement strategy aligned to the organisation’s overall strategy. Organisations need to understand the underlying behaviours that drive spending, so they can address their root causes and become nimble in managing their bottom line.

With strong governance over spend, a company saves money and improves margin. A coherent supplier relationship strategy defines the optimum approach for supplier segmentation, supports supplier performance management and drives supplier innovation. 

How we can help

How we can help

As you invest in your Sourcing and Procurement activities, it is also critical that you invest in the team that will help you achieve tangible value and real results. Deloitte’s Supply Chain practice has spent many years developing the experience, knowledge, skills and people across all industries, who can help you to deliver more value from your Sourcing and Procurement initiatives. In addition to the services highlighted below, we are also able to support you with Project Management and Change Management activities.

Our services include:

Procurement Transformation

Enhancing the ability of an organisation to drive value through improved capabilities, organisational structures, their strategy and operating models, i.e.:

  • Develop and evaluate diagnostics
  • Implementation of procurement technology
  • Design of operating model
  • Assist organisation / talent transformation
  • Define tax-optimised models
  • Support business process outsourcing and shared service centres

Supply Optimisation

Leveraging existing and disruptive technology (i.e. cognitive learning) to improve sourcing insights and source-to-pay process efficiency.

Digital Procurement

Identifying and evaluating the right procurement suites for our clients and their organisations. We are able to leverage our extensive knowledge; be it around the major players of the market, or providers in best of breed niche solutions.

Sustainable Sourcing

Supporting our clients in addressing the overarching market or regulatory developments, and achieving their sustainability ambitions (i.e. reducing carbon footprint & virgin material use, value chain illumination, code of conduct, collaborative supplier management).

Growth & Supplier Innovation

Enhancing top line performance, speed-to-market and margin improvement through supplier collaboration, supplier lifecycle management and innovation.

Supply Risk Management

We have developed a comprehensive approach to support our clients in identifying, assessing and addressing supply, financial, environmental, social and reputational risks in the value chain.

Cost & Cash Optimisation

Reducing third party spend across all indirect and direct materials categories through strategic sourcing, contract rationalisation, and working capital optimisation.

Our Services

Supply Chain & Network Operations

Deloitte can help you imagine, deliver, and run your supply networks to address tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities—providing a platform for generating critical insights, optimizing business processes, and automating supply chain activities across your value chain.

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Marcus Kutzner


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