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Deloitte moves into Prime 2, taking the next big step into the future

Zurich/Geneva, 21 June 2021

Deloitte Switzerland is making a further investment in the digital future with the move of its Swiss headquarters to the brand-new Prime 2 building in Zurich's trendy district 5. This new and inspiring work environment provides clients and employees with access to the first-class facilities and technologies they need to develop pioneering ideas and models.

Deloitte, the world's largest auditing and consulting company, moved into the recently completed Prime 2 building in Zurich's trendy district 5 on 14 June 2021. The move from the previous location in Zurich-Enge was necessary, not least because Deloitte Switzerland has grown faster than any other auditing and consulting company in the last 10 years and now has over 2,000 employees. The location in the middle of one of Switzerland's most important innovation ecosystems was deliberately chosen for Deloitte Switzerland's new headquarters. The building itself was designed to serve the company's various needs: Deloitte is committed to cultivate a sustainable positive effect for clients, employees and society.

The striking square building is a contemporary combination of stone and sweeping glass panels that creates an inspiring environment for both clients and employees. The particularly sustainable and LEED Gold-certified building (Gold Standard of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is ideal for the use of state-of-the-art technologies. The extensive digital network allows, for example, optimal operations with 24 external, fully video-capable meeting rooms and equally equipped workstations and promotes location-independent interaction and collaboration between employees, clients and alliance partners. The newly created Skywalker X Lab and the Deloitte Greenhouse offer a perfect venue for strategy and innovation workshops in a unique and unconventional set-up with cutting-edge technology.

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