Code of Conduct

Switzerland’s Best Managed Companies

The Switzerland’s Best Managed Companies programme aims to inspire, celebrate and build a community of private businesses that are creating a better future. A leading business awards programme, recognising excellence in private Swiss-owned companies, it celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit, determination and innovation of the private business community.

The following four commitments illustrate the programme’s core expectations of winning companies:


1. Integrity

As a Best Managed company, we will act lawfully, honestly, ethically and with integrity towards our customers, employees, vendors and stakeholders.
Best Managed companies are truthful and honest about the business information provided to the Best Managed programme:

  • Best Managed companies must abide by Swiss law
  • Best Managed candidates will not exert undue influence upon programme coaches, sponsors, or judges
  • Best Managed companies must update any change in business affecting their designation (ownership, financial, legal) when re-qualifying year over year

Treat interactions with programme sponsors, partners and their staff with the same honesty and integrity that you would apply within your own organisation.

2. Foster diversity, equity and inclusion

All Best Managed companies have a role to play in helping Switzerland on the path to a more inclusive environment. As a member of this community, we foster a culture and working environment where people treat each other with respect, courtesy and fairness, promoting equal opportunity for all.

  • Actively build an anti-racist capability to start making intentional changes within your organisation
  • Embed gender and diversity-smart approaches into recruitment & development, including performance management, promotion, succession and pay processes
  • Create and support cultural awareness programmes and learnings for all employees
  • Implement employee assistance programmes related to diversity, equity inclusion and accessibility so employees can feel comfortable and bring their whole selves to work
  • Provide DE&I training for all members of the organisation
  • Provide flexible and accessible work arrangements and remote work opportunities where applicable


3. Commitment to upholding the standard of the Best Managed programme designation through the four pillars

As a Best Managed company, we commit to upholding quality among the four pillars (Strategy, Capabilities and Innovation, Culture and Commitment, Governance and Financials), and the programme brand standards and identity.

Upholding brand standards

  • The Best Managed designation represents 29 years of strong global best managed companies that are the economic engines of their countries. The brand is a result of the outstanding companies in the programme and is recognised all around the world. As a Best Managed company, we agree to uphold this brand legacy and follow brand and logo guidelines, for the Swiss community of Best Managed companies
  • Uphold programme brand standards consistent with the four pillars (Strategy, Capabilities & Innovation, Culture & Commitment, Governance & Financials)
  • Proper use of current logo by awarded entity (see ‘Logo use with affiliated companies’).
  • Proper use of designation naming convention – “Switzerland’s Best Managed Companies”
  • Logo use permitted for duration of programme year. Must be removed immediately should the company chose not to re-apply, or become ineligible

Commitment to upholding the standard of the Best Managed programme designation through the four pillars

  • Continuously evolve and improve upon your strategy
  • Drive a culture of innovation and productivity
  • Foster a purpose-led culture
  • Put your customers and employees first
  • Drive year over year revenue growth through strong strategy, governance and operational efficiency


4. Best Managed community role model

We commit to participate in the Best Managed community through programme activities & events, while treating all members with dignity and respect. We also commit to be a respectable citizen within society and doing our part to build a positive future for Switzerland’s economy.

  • Participate in Best Managed programming and events
  • Act as a mentor to new members of the Best Managed community
  • Engage in social media conversation with Best Managed community (#BestManaged)
  • Act as a Best Managed brand ambassador, abiding by the terms under ‘Upholding brand standards’
  • Contribute to Best Managed objective of ‘making all businesses better’ by participating in research (i.e., surveys, case studies), panels and speaking opportunities
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