Business location Switzerland

Unique advantages

Switzerland is renowned as a business location, for good reasons: stable political environment, first-class infrastructure as well as education and healthcare systems, light touch regulations, a liberal labour market as well as a competitive tax system.

Stable, innovative and international

Stable, but not static: One of Switzerland’s core strengths is its stability – economic, social and political. At the same time it is one of the most innovative countries in the world. Among other things, this success is based on an excellent dual education system, high-quality universities and international economic integration, which is ensured by numerous free trade agreements.

Excellent talent pool

Switzerland offers high quality of life and diversity in a small space. Four official national languages and a large part of the population coming from abroad make it an international place as well. No surprise then that Switzerland is regularly named as one of the most attractive destinations for expats. International talent and the excellent domestic education system provide a large pool of qualified workers for companies.

Light-touch regulation

A further advantage of Switzerland is its comparatively low level of regulation, whether in labour law or in the use of state-of-the-art technologies. This results in lower administrative costs for companies and allows more flexibility to react to a change in external conditions. The administration, such as tax administration, are often business-friendly and constructive. The political system of Switzerland incorporates different interests and takes business interest into account to a larger degree than in many other countries.

Attractive rates of taxation

Due to domestic tax competition, the rates of taxation are internationally competitive. This applies to corporate as well as to private taxation. Moreover, companies or business owners will be informed of what tax they would pay, if they moved to Switzerland.

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