CIOs in non-profits: leading the way to an impactful and sustainable future through digital

Innovation, digital transformation, automation, cybersecurity, sustainability… A series of buzzwords that everyone talks about. But what are the true priorities on the agendas of CIOs in the non-profit sector? What are the challenges they should look out for? How can digital really boost the strategic impact that CIOs can make?

It’s 2022: we are in the Decade of Action and, with only 8 years left to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we need to mobilise everyone and collaborate towards a more sustainable future. Non-profit and UN organisations will play a key role in this, both through their direct operations, and also through the partnerships and collaborations.

And digital innovation can be the strategic enabler accelerating our progress towards the SDGs. CIOs in non-profits are in a unique, strategic position to make this happen. They have a responsibility to scout for the next solution that can have a transformative impact on their organisation, its beneficiaries, and society as a whole. They need to bring stakeholders together to drive implementation and adoption; and they need to be a catalyst and advocate for change, leading the way to a sustainable future through digital.

The mission of CIOs in non-profits is a transformative one – but not an easy one. Digital comes with many challenges - from implementation, to adoption and cybersecurity – and there are many trade-offs. So, what should CIOs in non-profits focus on? How can they make sure that their programmes deliver a true impact? Which challenges and pitfalls should they prepare for?

This series of articles draws on the latest insights from our Deloitte Global Tech Trends 2022 report to shed some light on these questions - and more.

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