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Society is changing at an unprecedented rate. Citizens have ever-higher expectations, while innovative technologies and the rapid emergence of new markets are creating new challenges and opening up new prospects. Deloitte is committed to helping governments improve how they serve citizens day to day. We provide solutions to help communities operate efficiently and effectively, spanning all levels of government across a wide range of programs, from taxes to environmental protection.

The role of the central government is no longer simply that of an autonomous administrator of public goods, but is expanding, as it becomes a service provider offering decentralised services in cooperation with various organisations.

More than ever the central government has to face continuous transformations to pursue modernization and efficiency. In a context of rapid change and significant reduction in public spending, the transformation of administration, from analogic services to digital services, is the central challenge, impacting public institutions and citizens equally. Networked and increasingly informed citizens are increasingly determining demand for quality, transparent and personalised public services. Citizens demand a more efficient and effective execution of business processes. Businesses want an attractive location to be successful in Switzerland. Politicians require more transparency for planned and ongoing transactions. The demands have to be met within the existing guardrails of finances, law and order.

Deloitte has worked consistently with public-sector institutions in Switzerland for more than 20 years on issues related to strategy and organisational consulting, human capital management, technology and information processing, to tap into the opportunities presented by changes and to make public services economically viable and more focused.

Digitalisation and innovation in the Swiss public sector

Drivers and Barriers to E-Government Services

In our Deloitte Digital Government Survey 2021 we surveyed over 1,000 citizens in Switzerland – of which 235 were public service employees – and identified and analysed the key drivers and hurdles that will shape the future of eGovernment services in Switzerland.

The journey to digital transformation in the Government and Public Sector

Discover the findings from an online survey about digitalisation - such as eGovernment, eVoting, electronic identification and remote working - in the Swiss administration, run on 1,500 people living in Switzerland and working in the Government and Public Sector.


Matthias Scherler

Matthias Scherler

Government & Public Services Industry

Matthias is a Partner with a strong public sector focus and over 25 years of experience in technology and business transformation. He has extensive experience in the government and health care sectors... More

Rolf Brügger

Rolf Brügger

Government & Public Services Industry Leader

Rolf is a Partner in Deloitte’s consulting practice and has more than 15 years of industry and consulting experience in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. He is the Government & Public Services Indus... More

Stefan Russian

Stefan Russian

Senior Director

Stefan is Consulting Director specialising in providing consulting services to Public Sector clients in the Federal Government of Switzerland. Stefan has significant experience in strategy projects, t... More