United Nations & Non-Governmental Organisations

Sharing values on societal challenges and humanitarian initiatives

Inspired by sharing the same values as our clients, Deloitte is highly engaged in societal commitments and humanitarian initiatives. The challenges faced by UN agencies, NGOs and Not-For-Profits are evolving. The complexities of delivery and the pressure of transparency can sometimes distract from making maximum impact.

Making maximum impact and remaining focused on the mission

Working in high risk environments combined with frequent geo-political shifts challenges the flexibility of many international organisations. NGOs face fluctuating demand and resource pressure across an advancing technological landscape that is difficult to govern or fully benefit from.

Limited resources requires programme prioritisation and informed decision making, with a robust theory of change. Donor management in a world of increasing competition for funds means that it has never been more important to articulate an organisation's contribution to the mission and target investments for optimum effectiveness.

This investment pressure increases the demand for innovative delivery models to improve efficiency, streamline complex logistics, strengthen local delivery capacity and empower governance and control.

How Deloitte can help

The skills required to meet these challenges aren’t always core to the UN or an NGO’s expertise. Using our experience to your advantage, we believe we can support you in responding to these challenges. We aim to accelerate your progress to capture business value, and allow you to focus on your speciality.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about the following topics or others that interest you:

Deloitte NGO offerings

Deloitte prides itself in excellent delivery and our unique abilities to support the UN and NGOs through:

  • Deep experience of the landscape – our depth of understanding comes from having worked across a wide variety of areas for more than 25 years
  • Global breadth, local feel – with our network of firms in over 150 countries we are not only here to support you in Switzerland, but match the global nature of your operations
  • End-to-end understanding of the transformation journey – successful delivery comes from being able to support across an entire transformation journey; from strategy, design to implementation.

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World Alliance of YMCAs
Reimagining itself to build resilience

To maintain its relevance and ensure continuity, the World Alliance of YMCAs (World YMCA) needs to build resilience and unlock new sources of funds. Deloitte supports YMCA in defining a sustainable fundraising strategy and, in a broader context, in reimagining itself.


Julius N. Hill

Julius N. Hill


Julius is the Swiss Sector Leader for International Development Organizations (IDO) and Consulting Partner based in Geneva. In his sector role, Julius leads Deloitte’s service strategy for IDO and is ... More