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Switzerland's first Circularity Gap Report

Switzerland leads in many areas of sustainability. But it faces an urgent challenge. According to the country’s first Circularity Gap Report, its Circularity Metric is 6.9%, leaving a Gap of over 93%.

This means that most material inputs coming into the Swiss economy to satisfy its peoples’ needs and wants come from the extraction of virgin resources and materials. But there is a better way.

Using less. Using longer. Using again.

Embracing these principles of a circular economy will help close the current gap and build a thriving, resilient and sustainable future.

This will require more than innovation and technical solutions. By taking action on the five key areas detailed in the report, and summarised below, Switzerland can transition towards an economy that benefits both the environment and society

Paving the way for a greener and more prosperous Switzerland

The Circularity Gap Report offers detailed and actionable insights to kickstart this transition. A circular economy has the potential to address environmental challenges, including climate change, while fostering economic growth and resilience. By embracing the recommendations, Switzerland can cut its material use by 33 percent and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 43 percent.

The first Swiss Circularity Gap Report underscores the challenges and highlights the opportunities we have as a country to transition to more circular methods, materials and mindsets. Collaboration, harnessing technology and accelerating innovation will be crucial to implement the strategies highlighted in this report to help Switzerland build a more resilient, and circular, future.
Reto Savoia CEO Deloitte Switzerland

Shaping the future: The power of collaboration

Stronger collaboration among the private and public sector, civil society and academia is needed. With the publication of the Circularity Gap Report, we’re initiating a movement to bring all stakeholders together to create a circularity roadmap for Switzerland’s increased circularity.

Join in the journey to create a more circular Switzerland

Increased circularity incentivises innovation, boosts supply chain resilience and brings wider social benefits. Discover Switzerland’s circularity potential by downloading our report below. Let’s work together to shape Switzerland’s collective future for the better.

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