Women in the boardroom—5th edition

A global perspective

Women are still largely under-represented on corporate boards globally, despite continued efforts to improve boardroom gender diversity.

Breaking the glass ceiling and sparking change

Our 5th edition of our Women in the Boardroom report outlines efforts in over 60 countries to increase the number of women occupying board seats. The report also features perspectives of four non-executive directors from Australia, Japan, UK, and US into how boardroom diversity is progressing in their parts of the world.

Highlights include:

  • In Switzerland women hold 14.8% of Board seats, compared to 15% worldwide. In both cases we see a slight increase from our previous edition.
  • Women hold only 4% of CEO and Board chair positions globally. In Switzerland, women only hold 2.9% CEO and 1.6% Board chair positions.
  • Organisations with women in the top leadership positions have almost double the number of Board seats held by women.
Women in the boardroom: A global perspective
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