Ethical Value Chain


Ethical value chain

What challenges are companies facing?

Companies are facing an increasingly complex landscape of legislation that aims to hold them to account for social and environmental issues in their value chains. More than ever, supply networks and ecosystems are exposed to a range of internal and external risks including climate-related disruptions, market demands for transparency and ethical sourcing, as well as compliance and reporting requirements for labour and human rights.

How can companies interpret these risks in the context of their current setup and operations? What tools and technologies exist to improve reporting, increase transparency and enhance existing supply chains? Failure to plan for and manage potential issues across a company’s entire value chain are likely to cause severe disruption and have negative impacts on operations.

How do ethical value chain solutions benefit companies?

  • Regulatory compliance: build value by understanding, navigating and complying with local, regional and global regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Operational efficiency: streamline business processes and remove unnecessary or wasteful resource allocations with industry insights and best-in-class tools
  • Brand protection: identify and prevent potential operating inefficiencies or non-compliance and have the necessary framework or structure to rectify identified issues along the value chain
  • Marketplace differentiation: distinguish your company’s initiatives with your stakeholders and in the industry through certification and implementing market leading standards
  • Operational resilience: facilitate business growth and unlock long-term value by integrating ESG principles along your entire supply and value chains 

How can Deloitte help?

  • Regulatory landscape assessment: we help companies understand, react and anticipate new and upcoming environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements
  • Operating model design: we support the design of new operating models to more effectively identify, assess, mitigate and manage ethical supply chain risks
  • Risk assessment and insights: we help increase value through risk assessments (including for third parties), whilst proactively sensing and responding to future risks and opportunities
  • Implementation guidance and support: we implement processes, software and tools to support your end-to-end operations, including project delivery, change management and training  

Would you like to learn more?

Our team has extensive cross-industry experience helping companies identify and define their primary objectives whether it’s ensuring regulatory compliance, building or protecting brand reputation or driving operational efficiency along your company’s supply chain.

Our focus is to drive results quickly and effectively, maximise your return on investment and build a resilient, long-lasting and ethical value chain. Regardless of where you are on your responsible business and sustainability journey, our experts can work with you to design the approach, timeline and identify resource requirements to ensure a successful and sustainable implementation.