Health, Safety and Environment


Health, Safety and Environment

What challenges are companies facing?

Global health and environmental risks, increasing societal shifts towards sustainability and growing reporting requirements are bringing new Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) challenges to the forefront. Changes to the way we work inevitably bring about risks, but also present opportunities to fundamentally re-think what HSE looks like and how to measure it effectively.

Companies face a wide variety of challenges in preventing, capturing and reporting HSE related incidents. A shift towards responsible business mandates a commitment to employee, customer, supplier and environmental safety. Whilst some businesses do only what is required in the HSE space, responsible businesses go beyond to do what is exemplary and sustainable.

How do HSE solutions benefit companies?

  • Responsible business culture: defining and communicating HSE initiatives as being core to your culture will attract and retain talent, and develop lasting relationships with suppliers and customers.
  • Safety, compliance and reputation: complying with regulations and protecting employees during a changing working landscape safeguards your company from legal repercussions and protects your brand reputation.
  • Visibility and efficiency: measureable improvements to HSE activities and processes enables your company to focus on more pressing topics whilst keeping an accurate view of actual performance

How can Deloitte help?

  • Process control and compliance: we assess a company’s current processes and controls to identify gaps and risks, design dependable processes to mitigate risks and improve overall business efficiency using the latest technology and tools.
  • Sustainability reporting, assurance and disclosures: we help companies navigate and interpret diverse reporting requirements and position their achievements using the right communication channels.
  • Programme management and implementation: we assist companies to achieve their HSE objectives by ensuring these initiatives are embedded into your company’s business operations.

Would you like to learn more?

A responsible business ensures safe operations along its entire value chain and sustainable collaboration with that of its partners. Developments in HSE will always necessitate dynamic evaluation and evolution.

Our HSE experts help you assess the performance of your current HSE initiatives, refocus your efforts and objectives to an outcome-focused approach and provide the necessary technology and analytics to drive the future effectiveness of your company’s HSE strategy.