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Faced with rapid technological advances and societal change, businesses are under increasing pressure to respond. The pace of disruptive change from digital technologies is accelerating, which means that companies must develop capabilities to identify what is happening and deal with threats and opportunities that arise. In our view, it is clear that the winners in the digital world will be those that use technology to harness the potential of data and that have a mindset and culture for responding to change.

Our point of view (POV) aims to help organisations to understand and to identify capabilities to achieve operational digital congruence. We hope that our POV can provide valuable insights and lessons for your business.

Digital connects people and things in ways that produce an explosion of data, bringing enormous opportunities for companies to make smarter decisions and create value by tapping into their ecosystem. Companies need to rethink how they create value and transform the way they work to capture it.

Agility is a key attribute missing from large organisations today. They are too much geared up for a single purpose business model, aligned to the past. So how can we introduce an evolutionary dynamic that lets them respond and change? We have asked ourselves what an organisation must do ideally to thrive in the face of the ever-increasing pace of change. Our answer is both simple and complex: it must be able to improve continuously.

At the core of Deloitte’s Digital Operating Model is an understanding of two fundamental attributes – Insight-driven and Agile – that define the essence of continuous improvement.

Alignment between business and operating model and deliver the digital promise
(Click image to enlarge) Digital winners rely on two fundamental attributes – Insight-driven and Agile – to create alignment between the business and operating model and deliver the digital promise.

Eight disruptive forces you need to embrace

The following digital technologies are reshaping the way companies create value, but the maturity levels differ between industries.

Foundations for delivering the digital promise

There are two fundamental attributes of digital winners – insight-driven and agile. These reinforce each other to achieve continuous improvement.

Operating in a digital world

Successful companies achieve operational digital congruence – configuration of the right capabilities in the right way within their operating model. When fully adopted, digital can cause a paradigm shift in operational delivery.

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