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Driving the Future of Finance

Finance as a Strategic Advisor and Insight Provider, enabled by Technology

Over three weeks in spring 2017, we conducted a survey of 30 CFOs and Finance Executives, on the subjects of Finance Strategy and Technology. Deloitte believes that Finance is in transition towards the role of Strategic Advisor, helping to grow the core business. The CFO is not just leader of Finance Operations, but more importantly acts in the role of critical sparring partner, supporter, trigger and catalyst for company-wide innovation and business growth.

Key Findings of the Survey

Our Finance Survey provides insights on three topics:

  1. Strategic Advisor
    Most CFOs understand the need to transform their Finance organisation to a Strategic Advisor to the company. However, there is still a long way to go before the transformation is complete.
  2. Insight Provider
    The importance of providing insights is widely understood and there is a willingness amongst CFOs to invest. However, the applicability of insight-generating tools and technologies is still at a development stage in most Swiss Finance organisations.
  3. Technology Enablement
    Technology is seen as mean for driving efficiency and enabling innovation within Finance organisations. However, Swiss Finance organisations have only partially implemented new finance-related technologies such as Robotics & Automation, Big Data and Cognitive Technologies.

Finance as Strategic Advisor

Finance is used as Strategic Advisor to executive management

Finance as a predictive Insight Provider

From a financial data processor to a predictive Insight Provider

Finance as an effective and efficient operator

From a bean counter to an efficient Finance operator

Driving the Future of Finance

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