The trends

In the previous blogs we have explored the history of e-Signatures, how they work, and their legal standing. The focus of this blog is to understand the trends behind the recent widespread uptake of e-Signing – after years of relatively little use despite the fact that the supporting technology and first legal directives date back to early 2000s. What is different now is that the requirements for the adoption of e-Signing are all coming together through greater accessibility, use cases, and a profound business need to fully digitalise processes. This combination is bringing us to the frontline of the e-Signing revolution.

At Deloitte we see four trends as core enablers, driving e-Signature capabilities in the next decade: the next wave in digitisation, access to verified digital identities, a growing risk-based approach towards Advanced e-Signatures (AES), and greater solution maturity.

In this blog, we explored the key trends driving the current widespread adoption of e-Signing in organisations around the globe. Deloitte can help you stay at the forefront of the e-Signing revolution. If you would like to know more, please reach out to our key contacts below.




Joran Frik
Manager, Risk Advisory,
Deloitte Belgium
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Patrick Maager
Manager, Consulting,
Deloitte Switzerland
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