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Mobile App for maintenance technicians with SAP integration

The customer faced the challenge of simplifying and digitising maintenance processes in all production facilities across Switzerland. The goal was to unlock efficiencies and relieve employees of administrative tasks, and to obtain more accurate data on production facilities to enable further optimisation of production planning.

Design Thinking, UX Design & Prototyping, Requirements definition, Agile Application Delivery, SAP integration

Features and functionalities are no longer enough. Today’s solutions must drive user engagement, allowing solutions to be loved. An average solution can’t do that and risks reducing motivation, app usage and brand image. Rolling out an app without the proper UX defeats the purpose of creating it.

The entire scope of the designed app is based on thorough research to guarantee acceptance and engagement from users.

Interviews and shadowing were conducted with the factory technicians to understand their pain points and their expectations of an app that would replace most of their current organisational tools. Two personas were identified: the young technician used to working with apps; and experienced ones, reluctant to use technology. The app’s design and interface was redesigned to be appealing to both these users. Functionalities were carefully designed and redeveloped to allow the technicians to have a dramatically simpler and more intuitive experience using the app.

The app replaced the manual tools the technicians were using and became the single point of contact for time management, material ordering and reporting. The technicians’ experience was optimised by putting them at the core of the design and thought process. Technician acceptance of the app experience was very high.

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