Operations Transformation

Successful businesses anticipate and own disruptions by setting their course and building the capabilities they need to stay ahead. Monitor Deloitte's Business Transformation practice works with executives to catalyse enterprise-wide business transformation, including shaping the business transformation ambition and strategy, formulating new business models and prioritising strategic capabilities and operating model imperatives. This team works closely with Operations Transformation’s EMD team to further design these capabilities and operating models and convenes other Deloitte services to architect the complete business transformation program. Then, we help keep the moving parts connected, while maintaining visibility and a relentless focus on achieving the value our clients seek.

Our business transformation approaches, tools, and accelerators are applicableto the range of disruptors executive teams are tackling, today. Simply put, we create the context for our clients to pursue their transformation with confidence and offer the support to design and pursue an achievable transformation to realise their value ambitions.

Our services

  • Operations Excellence
  • Enterprise Model Design & Transformation Integration
  • Strategic Cost Transformation
  • Global Business Services
  • Real Estate & Location Strategy
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Enterprise Health System Solutions
  • Robotics & Cognitive Innovation

Deloitte Shared Services Conference 2018

9 - 10 October 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

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Automation is here to stay

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers great potential for businesses to get smarter and more efficient. Successful organizations will be those who embrace the change associated with this innovation, and refocus their workforce to maximize the value from this initiative.

2017 Global Shared Services Survey

Since 1999, Deloitte has been conducting biennial surveys to understand how shared services organizations are capitalizing on leading practices and trends to address their business challenges and better meet their customers' needs.

The robots are ready, are you?

Over the past year, there has been intensifying interest in robotics and in the application of cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies, both in the media and on the conference circuit. RPA is now a proven technology and early movers in shared services and other administrative organisations are already achieving significant benefits.

Blockchain: A technical primer 

Just as the Internet revolutionized the very idea of information, blockchain seems set to challenge and transform conventional notions of “value.” A lot of the technology’s success, however, depends on businesses’ understanding of its potential and applicability.

Cognitive technologies

Cognitive technologies offer advantages that are real and diverse, extending well beyond traditional applications like process automation. As the cognitive story evolves in the years ahead, the benefits that ensue may become ever richer in their variability. ​

Using intelligent automation to double productivity in Finance

Intelligent automation presents a huge opportunity for Finance functions within financial services institutions to deliver information and value to the business more quickly, more accurately and at the lower cost.

Key Contacts

Antonio Russo

Antonio Russo

Innovation Leader and Partner

Antonio leads Deloitte's Analytics & Cognitive Advisory in Switzerland and is responsible for Innovation within Deloitte Switzerland’s Executive team. His team helps clients leverage the power of arti... More