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Your organization’s strategies for pressing issues like growth and innovation, talent and technology, regulations and risk are shaping its future. How well are they working? Deloitte’s Strategy practice helps the most influential organizations around the world generate measurable outcomes by making winning choices on their most significant strategic issues. We build long-term relationships with senior executives and work together to create effective strategies that cover a broad spectrum of issues.

From defining corporate and business unit strategy, to identifying new growth opportunities, to designing commercial pricing models, digital prototyping and innovation, and more, we use cutting-edge approaches embedded with deep industry knowledge and experience to develop and execute integrated, tailored strategies to meet the future with confidence.

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Pricing for the Banking Industry

Unlocking value through pricing excellence

The particularly challenging task of growing profitability has placed the financial services industry under substantial competitive pressure. Most markets and products have reached a high level of maturity, leaving little opportunity for further volume-based revenue growth.

Retail products and services such as mortgages, credit cards and more and more brokerage are turning into a commodity with hardly any USP. Clients are increasingly sophisticated, more demanding and are better informed. This shift in client awareness, in addition to changing regulations such as MiFID, is leading to higher price transparency.

Download the Pricing for the Banking Industry report

Pricing for the Banking Industry

Industrialisation in Banking

Unlocking the efficiency and agility of the Swiss banking industry

Deloitte, in collaboration with the Hochschule Luzern, Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen (IFZ), has conducted an online survey and personal interviews with executives from Swiss banks on their current levels of industrialisation and their industrialisation strategies for the next five years. The report suggests how an industrialisation strategy can be used by banks to increase efficiency and agility.

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Industrialisation in Banking

Ten Types of Innovation

The discipline of building breakthroughs

The assumption that there is no disciplined, consistent method to be applied to drive innovation is simply not true.

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Ten types of innovation

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Patrik Spiller


Patrik is the Partner leading the Swiss Financial Services Strategy Practice, with over 15 years banking industry experience. He focuses on operating model optimization and commercial excellence, impr... More