Deloitte Global Workforce Lounge Podcast Series


Deloitte Global Workforce Lounge: A podcast series about global mobility trends

Discussing the contemporary issues facing organisations with internationally mobile staff

Join us as we discuss the current landscape for global workforces with subject matter experts and global mobility leaders from across Switzerland. Each episode will offer insights into the latest market trends, addressing everything from the impact of technology to the changing geopolitical environment.

Episode 4: An interview with Jane Owen, UK Ambassador to Switzerland, discussing the impact of Brexit on future bilateral relations between the UK and Switzerland

Listen to our fourth episode of the Global Workforce Lounge series where our guest, Jane Owen (British Ambassador to Switzerland), reflects on the current state of UK/ Swiss negotiations as we approach the end of the Brexit transition period, and the prospective future landscape for business and mobile employee as of 1 January 2021.

Interviewee: Jane Owen                          Interviewer: Jacob Higgitt

Episode 3: What can Switzerland do to remain attractive for top global talent?

Listen to the third episode of the Global Workforce Lounge podcast series, where we discuss the results of our Global Talent study conducted by the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce. We look at Switzerland's attractiveness as a destination for top global talent.

Martin Naville (CEO, Swiss American Chamber of Commerce) and Julia Stutzer (Immigration Director, Deloitte Switzerland), reflect on small but targeted adjustments to the existing immigration system and what changes could improve Switzerland's competiveness.

Interviewee: Martin Naville                    Interviewee: Julia Stutzer

Interviewer: Jacob Higgitt

Episode 2: Transformation within the Global Mobility function, and the benefits and challenges of working internationally for a Global Mobility professional

In this episode of the Global Workforce Lounge we hear from Helen Odell, Head of Global Mobility at Novartis. She talks us through her personal experience of being an expatriate and the impact that this has had on her career, as well as the transformation of the Novartis Global Mobility function that she has overseen in the last few years. Perhaps most importantly of all, as this was recorded earlier this year there isn’t a single mention of COVID-19 throughout!

Interviewee: Helen Odell                          Interviewer: Jacob Higgitt

Episode 1: The attractiveness of Switzerland for businesses and individuals and the future outlook

We discuss these and many other topics with Markus Assfalg, Division Head of Business and Economic Development at the Office of Economy and Labour of the canton of Zürich, in this episode of the Global Workforce Lounge.

Mr. Assfalg and his team help international companies establish a presence in Switzerland by providing support with matters including site location, local administration, immigration permits and taxation.

Interviewee: Markus Assfalg                      Interviewer: Jacob Higgitt


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