European Salary Survey 2017- Eighth Edition

Swiss report

Deloitte Switzerland has just released the eighth edition of Deloitte’s European Salary Survey. Organised for the eighth year in a row and carried out in 19 European countries, the report summarises the most important findings and highlights with regards to salary costs, net income, net spendable income as well as taxation of passive income, and attractiveness of different geographies as locations for company headquarters. The survey shows that Switzerland is well placed in terms of net income, although this is somewhat offset by Switzerland’s high cost of living.

The report shows that Switzerland has the highest net income across Europe for the levels of income examined in the report.

The European Salary Survey also looks at how taxpayers are further taxed once their net income reaches their bank account. Additionally, the report shows a ranking of suitable European headquarter locations based on availability of special tax concessions for expatriate employees. Switzerland fares well thanks to its Expatriate Tax regime.

In this report, we carried out research to produce comparisons of the following:

  • Gross salaries
  • Net disposable income
  • Taxation of capital
  • Countries aiming to attract headquarters of international companies
European Salary Survey

Report highlights

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