The challenge

To support their global growth strategies, it is becoming increasingly important for multinational companies to deliver talent efficiently, where it is needed and in a timely manner. Worldwide regulatory changes are increasing the challenges  to obtaining permission to work.

Deloitte’s experience working with local regulators, immigration authorities, and multi-jurisdictional committees provides indispensable insights that help facilitate streamlined management of essential issues. This expertise helps ensure that immigration compliance requirements are managed effectively and efficiently.

Key scenarios when to contact us: 

  • Immigration support for foreign local hires, assignees or business  travellers 
  • Internal or external immigration audits or authority spot checks 
  • Strategic immigration advice
  • Consult on efficient and streamlined internal immigration processes , including potential  for automation


Client case study

Client/Industry: A major retail business company with globally over 28,000 employees.

Challenge: To ensure that frequent business travellers are identified before travelling to Switzerland and obtain the required work authorization in time. 

Solution: Through an internal audit, workshops and webcast training, stakeholders were informed about relevant immigration requirements and the resulting assignment costs.

Outcome/impact: As a result of the internal communication the company had a clear understanding of the immigration requirements and assignment costs per employee. A process has been put in place to identify frequent business  travellers before they travel to Switzerland, and pre-checks have been put in place to assess whether the planned work can also be performed remotely in the home country , to save cost and maintain immigration compliance. 


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