International Social Security

The challenge

HR and mobility teams must ensure that social security contributions are correctly calculated and paid on time to the right authority. This requires that the necessary certificates are in place and that the correct amount of social security is paid in home and host countries. In addition, it is important that the company’s assignment and tax policies are clear with regard to treatment of the social security position of assignees, to manage their expectations.

A well-executed global social security strategy ensures compliance for the employer, while safeguarding the social security rights of the international assignees and their families.

Key scenarios when to contact us: 

  • Advice on compliant social security positions for international assignees
  • Assistance with obtaining social security certificates in various locations
  • Global social security health checks
  • Advising on optimal social security positions for non-executive directors
  • Providing clarity about the actual social security cost of a mobility programme
International Social Security


Client case study

Client/Industry: A major pharmaceutical company with more than 90,000 employees  worldwide.

Challenge: How to ensure that all international assignees are subject to the correct social security scheme during their assignment and that the correct social security certificates are in place.

Solution: Technology was leveraged to analyse the social security position of every international assignee to ensure that the correct amount of social security was paid in the correct country, and that the  application for the required certificate was  made on time.

Outcome/impact: The technology has resulted in clearer oversight for the central Global Mobility team and ensured that the company is compliant with social security regulations. There is no longer a risk that social security is not paid, or paid twice.


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