Senior Executive Services

The challenge

Senior executives have responsibilities for complex and multi-disciplinary corporate projects requiring a broad variety of services. They often have multi-jurisdictional tax and social security requirements that are complex due to their cross-border nature. Governments, company stakeholders and the media  expect them to be fully compliant in an increasingly challenging environment where public perception can go beyond strict observance of regulations.

Key scenarios when to contact us: 

  • Allocation of a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) who is dedicated to the relevant market or industry and facilitates access to the right experts, within the broad range of services that Deloitte provides
  • Cross-border taxation of C-suite executives
  • Reporting of total employment costs for C-suite executives of SEC registered companies
  • Pension planning and the related tax treatment of contributions and pension pay-outs, as well as assistance with requests for pension benefits
  • Multi-jurisdictional planning of long-term incentive plans
Senior Executive Services


Client case study

Client/Industry: A major semiconductor manufacturer with more than 45,000 employees worldwide

Challenge: To ensure consistent multi-jurisdictional tax compliance for client’s C-suite executives and corporate vice presidents, with a high standard of confidentiality and in a cost-efficient way

Solution: Careful co-ordination of all C-suite executives in all countries where compliance is required: developed and implemented an easy-to-use mobility management model

Outcome/impact: The resulting model has saved millions of CHF in tax and social security charges and provided compliant and tax-efficient protection for accumulated pension benefits. It guarantees  confidentiality and provides  user-friendly dashboard reporting for budgeting