Mobile telephony

What is the impact on economic growth?

Deloitte and the GSMA have released the first comprehensive assessment of the incremental benefits of next generation mobile telephony services, such as 3G technology and mobile data services, and its impact on economic growth

Key Highlights:

A doubling of mobile data use leads to a growth in the GDP per capita growth rate of 0.5 percentage points; Countries characterised by a higher level of data usage per 3G connection have seen an increase in their GDP per capita growth of up to 1.4 percentage points; A 10% rise in 3G penetration increases GDP per capita growth by 0.15 percentage points. In developing markets, a 10% expansion in mobile penetration increases productivity in the long run by 4.2 percentage points

This study covers this gap: 

  • Measuring the impact of substituting basic 2G connections with more advanced 3G connections on economic growth
  • Providing the first reliable estimates of the impact of mobile data usage on economic growth in developed markets, employing information on mobile data provided for this study by Cisco Systems based on their Visual Network Index (VNI)
Mobile telephony - what is the impact on economic growth?
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