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IT Financial Management - Maximising IT value for companies

CIO Survey Switzerland

Understanding the cost and value of IT is becoming increasingly important within enterprises. Top performing organisations spend proportionally more on IT and generate a significant return from it, yet, many organisation still focus on managing down IT costs rather than considering the value of IT at a time when growth is fulled by technology-driven delivery models and digital transformations.

This survey highlights:

  1. CIOs believe that the business recognises the value of IT, yet a significant number of them are still put under cost reductions targets
  2. Where ITFM is implemented, it is primarily focused on traditional accounting processes rather than the more value-add IT business management topics
  3. When ITFM tooling has been adopted, the understanding of the value of IT for the business is increased
CIO Survey Switzerland

Key findings

About the survey

We surveyed 35 Swiss CIOs about their existing IT Financial Management capabilities to understand the extent to which Swiss CIOs have adopted these tools and practices. The respondents are representatives from both large multinational and smaller domestic organisations in Switzerland.


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