Blockchain meets Supply Chain


Supply chain meets blockchain

When two chains combine

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology (DLT), initially rose to prominence in the financial services industry with a focus on ‘transaction-based’ use cases. The attention has in the meantime expanded to ‘value transfer’ use cases across multiple industries. Blockchain is an enabling technology, which is most effective when coupled with other next generation technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices, robotic and cognitive automation, and offers organisations the opportunity to unlock business value throughout their value chain.

Blockchain’s potential in the supply chain management (SCM) field in particular is increasingly receiving attention, with proofs of concept (POCs) being developed across a variety of sectors. Deloitte is currently supporting and advising clients on a range of blockchain topics within SCM, with track and trace being one of the most popular use cases.

In this paper, Deloitte’s blockchain and supply chain professionals from across the globe have come together to share insights on how blockchain-enabled technology can address four key areas of attention in the supply chain space — traceability, compliance, flexibility, and stakeholder management. The paper draws on a selection of use cases from three different industries: pharmaceutical (use case - product tracking), automotive (use case - purchasing platform), and food (use case - know your supplier), to demonstrate how blockchain can help with the aforementioned supply chain topics. It also outlines how organisations can begin their blockchain journey and avoid common pitfalls associated with the implementation.

When two chains combine

Why blockchain in supply chain makes sense


Kai Gindner - Director, Operations, Supply Chain Management 

Kai has more than 19 years of Consulting experience in Supply Chain Management. He has led several (large scale) transformation programs across Supply Chain Strategy, Operating Model Design, Planning, Product Life Cycle Management, Sourcing and Logistics combining multi-disciplinary teams of Consulting, Tax, Legal and Risk to develop a sustainable and innovative business model.

Lately Kai is helping companies in building effective, future focused supply chains enabled by digitally advanced disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Blockchain and Industrial Internet of Things. 

+41 58 279 6642

Shruti Jain - Consultant , Strategy and Operations, Supply Chain Management

Shruti is a Consultant within Deloitte Switzerland’s Strategy and Operations practice and specialises in managing complex projects particularly in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry. Her focus areas are business process improvement, supply chain transformation, and operating model design. She is an active member in the blockchain community with a particular focus on the applications of blockchain to achieve supply chain transparency. 

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