Cloud Financial Management

Effectively navigate cloud’s financial and operational challenges

Cloud introduces new complexity into IT financial management that often can’t be successfully navigated with traditional processes. To provide spending transparency, keep costs in check, and gain the expected ROI on their cloud investments, many organisations may need to evolve their IT financial management capabilities. Deloitte’s Cloud FinOps Services can help.

Deloitte Cloud FinOps Services and Capabilities

Our Cloud FinOps Services framework aligns with a broader group of related Deloitte cloud services and solutions, including Business Operations and Cloud Engineering services, so that we can help you put cloud FinOps within the wider context of your business. The framework also includes a suite of tools and accelerators to help you prepare a cloud total cost of ownership analysis that spans software, hardware, and labour costs over a five-year period.

The value of our Cloud FinOps Services

Deloitte’s Cloud FinOps Services work because they help you examine—and plan for—cloud consumption and continuously monitor costs to help reduce waste in cloud spend. Also, more transparency and accurate reporting helps you gain a deeper understanding of associated costs across platforms and vendors and gain early visibility into spending issues, so that corrective actions can be taken early. Finally, with more effective cloud FinOps, you can determine the right mix of workloads to migrate to cloud to generate more ROI from your cloud investments.

On an ongoing basis our services help you keep your cloud journey on track financially by providing resources that help monitor and adjust your cloud financial operating model to meet your needs as they change. This agility can provide higher value long-term from your cloud investments.

The impact of our Cloud FinOps Services

The complexity inherent in cloud ecosystems can create difficulties in controlling and predicting cloud use and spend—which can hinder cloud success. Better financial management of your cloud environment can help you understand the true cost of cloud across your organisation. With our cloud FinOps services, you can gain the ability to identify, govern, and optimise your cloud spend more effectively.

The benefits of our cloud FinOps services begin almost immediately, and they are impactful and long-term. Our services help you:

  • Drive cost ownership across business units and improve resource traceability across a multi-cloud environment
  • Gain transparency into spend through cost allocation at resource level, and predictions for forecasted spend across CSPs
  • Align the FinOps maturity journey with business strategy and goals
  • Identify areas where the organisation can improve cloud efficiency, reduce costs, and better leverage the benefits of cloud computing


Jan Seffinga

Jan Seffinga


Jan is a Partner and leads the Cloud activities for Deloitte Switzerland. In this capacity he drives Deloitte activities in the area of Advice, Transform, and Operate in the context of cloud. A key ac... More

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