Deloitte and Anaplan Alliance

A unique combination of deep planning expertise and industry-leading technology to connect people, data and plans and boost performance for future-ready enterprises

The Deloitte Anaplan Alliance delivers future-ready, client-centric solutions built on state-of-the-art planning, budgeting and forecasting technology coupled with deep industry and business process expertise. With 9+ years’ experience with Anaplan’s connected planning technology, Deloitte is Anaplan’s largest global partner, successfully designing and delivering end-to-end projects that connect forecasting and planning across enterprises within every industry and accelerate business value for finance, sales, marketing, supply chain, human resources, tax and IT. Together, Deloitte and Anaplan can help you transform processes, integrate business-driven forecasting and planning across the enterprise, and deliver real-time data and insights to help you manage and improve business performance.

About our Alliance

What if planning could improve both your top and bottom line? Leveraging the native capabilities of Anaplan’s platform and Deloitte’s breadth of industry experience and unique transformational capabilities, we can get you there.
We are the global leader in delivering solutions and professional services for Enterprise Business Planning (EBP) and 9x winner of Anaplan’s Global Partner of the Year. Our clients can leverage the process knowledge, industry and domain expertise, and project experience of Deloitte’s comprehensive global network, supported by an experienced local team of certified model builders and solution architects.

With the power of enterprise business planning combined with cognitive capabilities and predictive analytics, Deloitte helps transform how your business makes strategic operational and financial decisions. And Anaplan’s innovative, robust, connected planning tools seamlessly integrate with Deloitte’s SaaS ecosystem of industry-leading technologies – enabling clients to leverage current infrastructure and boost ROI of existing applications and platforms, including Salesforce, SAP, Coupa and Adobe. With solutions for each business function and across every industry, Deloitte helps future-ready enterprises maximise efficiencies, increase visibility across your organisation and connect siloed data to enable real-time planning and forecasting, accelerate value creation and better orchestrate business performance.

Business planning for future-ready connected enterprises

Many companies build their commercial, operational, and financial plans in isolation, working off separate data sources. These plans are generally aligned conceptually, but not truly integrated. Promotional plans become disconnected from inventory plans. Sales and production forecasts might not align. Strategic targets may be hit, but financial goals are still not achieved. And unforeseen disruptions – from environmental, geopolitical, economic and other market-impacting events – can introduce factors that had not been anticipated in the business planning process.

What if you, as CxO or business leader, could combine multiple business planning processes supported by digital tools—resulting in a unified plan with real-time insights? Deloitte makes it happen with future-ready solutions that break down silos and connect your people to business-critical insights. This enables organisations to navigate rapidly changing markets using best-in-class dynamic forecasting and scenario planning tools that help you and your teams make better, data-driven decisions, drive revenue, and accelerate profitability.

Powerful planning solutions for industry and business

Financial planning & analysis

Deloitte helps our clients transform FP&A and unlock value through Connected Planning by reimagining their planning processes, driving integration and collaboration across functions, and enabling quicker performance decisions with meaningful insights. Gain greater insight into your business performance through quicker forecasting, scenario analysis, detailed dashboard visualisations and real-time analytics.

Planning solutions for retail and consumer industries

Deloitte has deep experience in delivering a wide range of end-to-end solutions for retailers and consumer products companies. Project expertise with retail and consumer products customers includes time-sensitive, quick-to-implement, functional or departmental solutions that accelerate time to ROI, as well as enterprise-wide solutions for bespoke requirements that help deliver unique competitive advantages for our clients.

ESG planning & sustainability solutions

Learn about how Deloitte uses Anaplan for its Carbon Forecasting Model.

Sales planning and performance management

Connected Sales Planning and Performance Management (SPPM) elevates the sales experience by providing sales reps and management with better transparency and timeliness into quotes and territories, correct visibilities into opportunity pipelines, and better accuracy in compensation and incentive management. Deloitte’s integrated SPPM solutions advance true connected sales planning, integrate with CRM and Marketing platforms, and redefine sales transformation through our unique digitally connected “Plan to Pay” approach.

Closed-loop marketing & revenue management

Deloitte redefines Marketing Transformation and accelerates Marketing ROI by delivering omni-channel, role-specific forecasting and planning solutions that meet the needs of Marketing, Commercial and Finance teams.

Anaplan+ ecosystem solutions

Leveraging our deep domain expertise and strong technology partnerships, Deloitte’s powerful solution accelerators integrate with leading enterprise platforms, enabling business leaders to create new value and better orchestrate business performance.


Deloitte brings extensive experience in developing strategies and managing projects across multiple industries, including financial services, retail and consumer products, manufacturing, media and entertainment, telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, and the public sector.
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Markus Zorn

Markus Zorn

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Christian Reichel

Anaplan & Foresight Technology, Switzerland

Christian is leading the Anaplan practice at Deloitte Switzerland. Over the last years, he has helped organisations across various industries to improve their enterprise performance management activit... More