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Since 1989, Deloitte’s Global SAP practice has delivered award-winning levels of service to help global organizations transform their businesses and achieve results that matter. With more than 16,000 business and technology practitioners dedicated to SAP solutions in our global network, we have served more than 3,500 clients, assisting them in their journey to implement SAP solutions effectively and to realize potential business value from those investments. We offer a complete range of implementation, integration, and alignment services—from business case and strategy development to systems design to configuration, testing, deployment, and post-implementation support. To help our clients jump-start their transformations, we leverage an array of replicable, SAP HANA-based preconfigured solutions, for both on-premises and cloud-based initiatives.

We believe that SAP implementations are not just about technology. They also represent opportunities to transform your business and to do something new—to innovate, to grow, to excel. SAP implementations offer a chance to streamline your business, increase organizational efficiencies, improve customer engagement, and unlock new value in the supply chain. Each day across the globe and across all industries, we are busy deploying the latest SAP offerings, including SAP S/4HANA, to support real-time data access and analytics, enabling organizations to evolve their existing business processes and adopt new processes that can support the future of business. Whether you want to simplify finance functions, provide an ERP foundation for core business requirements, or support growth by upgrading SAP systems and related business processes, we can help you achieve results that matter—while minimizing risk and positioning your organization to excel in the evolving digital business landscape.

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D-Stats: the next level of planning

Deloitte accelerator for statistical forecasting and demand planning

Uncertainty, complexity and volatility in supply chains are a fact of life. Companies deal with an increased number of materials in their portfolios, strong seasonal sales cycles, exceptional events, and erratic demand. The segmentation tasks are often run manually, data cleansing and outlier correction are left to subjective human judgment and the users see statistical forecasting as a black box.

In addition, time series analysis and statistical parameters are set incorrectly, resulting in loss of accuracy. D-Stats for SAP Integrated Business Planning is a reliable and repetitive procedure that automatically finds the best statistical forecasting models for your products at the right planning level, without you having to be an expert in statistics.

Would you like to improve the accuracy of your sales forecast? We can help you reaching the next level of planning. Contact us to get the conversation started.

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SAP + Cloud + Deloitte

Move forward confidently and leverage SAP cloud offerings

The cloud debate has been a passionate one, but industry leaders are quickly realizing that cloud technology is integral to their digital future and could lead to competitive advantage. Cloud can still be confusing for many organizations, however more and more companies build on cloud based solutions as it can help you lower your total cost of IT ownership, readily scale your infrastructure, simplify IT, spend less time on maintenance, and accelerate the transformation of your business with SAP.

Already clear on where you want to go with cloud? We can help you get there. Contact us to get the conversation started.

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SAP S/4 HANA Finance

Taking advantage of IT innovations to simplify and accelerate financial processes

Finance leaders can dramatically simplify their operating environment by relying on a new generation of business software solutions and technologies such as SAP S/4 HANA Finance.

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Learn more about SAP S/4HANA® Finance

Deloitte Lab for SAP S/4HANA® Finance


SAP S/4HANA Logistics

Address the growth of digital data in the supply chain and move away from mere technology adoption towards value creation

Supply chain leaders get real-time information of the end-to-end supply chain thanks to the revolutionary database and simplified architecture of SAP S/4HANA that is able to handle huge volume of data instantaneously.

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SAP Pinnacle Awards 2018

Deloitte has earned four global 2018 SAP® Pinnacle Awards, recognizing outstanding contributions as an SAP partner. Awards include recognition as: 

  • SAP S/4HANA® Partner of the Year–Large Enterprises
  • SAP Leonardo Partner of the Year
  • SAP® Ariba® Partner of the Year–Large Enterprise
  • SAP® SuccessFactors® Partner of the Year–Large Enterprises

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Deloitte Accelerated Value enabled by SAP® Leonardo

Tapping the power of SAP® Leonardo to launch the digital enterprise

From IoT services and machine learning capabilities to the SAP Cloud Platform and edge computing, SAP Leonardo offers a host of capabilities that can help enable tomorrow’s digital enterprise. To help unlock the full potential of SAP Leonardo, Deloitte has teamed with SAP to deliver new use cases, integrated market solution and products that can help you accelerate the innovation cycle while also strengthening your core business.

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Deloitte Accelerated Value