Global Trade Services


Global Trade Services

Successfully managing Customs & Global Trade

The increased number of trade agreements and abruptly changing regulatory landscape coupled with fragmented logistics execution and evolved business dynamics pose a real challenge to companies. Deloitte brings technology-aided customs and global trade expertise to clients facing such scenarios.

Challenges in Global Trade

With the expansion of international trade, global players are facing legal compliance requirements that will further increase in number and become progressively more complex, more costly and more risky.

Complex organisational structures, isolated IT-environments and diverse approaches of customs authorities can blur the insight into the company's customs position.

Companies with fragmented supply chain processes face challenges when changes in trade agreements transform the global marketplace.

Managing Customs & Global Trade

Successfully managing Customs & Global Trade means:

  • 360 degree compliance control: implementation of internal control and compliance processes to diminish unnecessary costs and penalties.
  • Global trade complexity management: support companies to comply with various import and export regulations on an international level and to be prepared for government audits.
  • Optimised data organisations: enlarge a company's ability to properly manage, plan, control and report international trade costs and customs duties.
  • Improvement of existing business processes and the systems they are based on: ensure cross-functional communication and cooperation. As a result, a company is flexible to change supply chain processes and the underlying transaction structure.

How Deloitte can help

Deloitte offers a holistic approach for tackling challenges in global trade. Our solutions tailored to your needs reduce costs, target compliance and risk management, and improve management oversight and control.

Our services for you:

  • Global trade and compliance strategy definition,
  • Maturity assessment and compliance checks on global trade processes,
  • Identification of major cost drivers and cost-saving opportunities by executing Global Trade Analytics,
  • Due diligence checks on customs declarations,
  • Glogal Trade Management software strategy, business case and tool selection,
  • Design and deployment of SAP Global Trade Systems including:
    • Free Trade Agreements and Country of Origin calculation,
    • Sanctioned Party Lists screening,
    • Automated filing of customs declarations,
    • Proprietary country specific GTS packages.
  • Global Trade Management application maintenance and operations,
  • Implementation of Global Trade analytics solutions.  

Our experts

Alexei Koifman

Alexei Koifman


Alexei has more than 15 years of experience in IT management. He is one of the leaders of Deloitte Technology and has in-depth experience with respective methods and tools. In his recent career he ful... More

Ekaterina Kostova

Ekaterina Kostova

Senior Manager

Ekaterina is an experienced supply chain professional specialized in SAP-based business transformations and tax driven supply chain process optimizations. She brings more than 15 years broad and compr... More

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