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OneStream XF, the SmartEPM platform

Nowadays companies face the challenge of adapting their existing IT systems to accommodate ever-changing needs – a task that can be very difficult or costly. Complex business models, frequent changes in organisational structures or processes, challenging demands in terms of data quality and stricter legal regulations push financial systems to their limits.

OneStream XF offers a solution in the area of financial consolidation, budgeting, planning, reporting and analysis.

  • Financial consolidation
    The platform for consolidation and reporting makes it possible to have a single, group-wide application, even for large groups with a complex corporate structure.
  • Budgeting and planning
    The software provides advanced planning and reporting tools within a unified platform, fully integrated and connected with the other processes.
  • Reporting and Analysis
    The entire process from data collection to reporting is integrated in the same platform, including analysis, business intelligence and dashboard tools.
  • Data quality
    Data quality can be continually controlled using workflow-based task management and validation. Users can concentrate fully on their tasks instead of dealing with low data quality.

In addition, OneStream grants users access to the OneStream XF Marketplace, which contains over 60 apps that can be installed to expand the functionality of the platform, e.g. for account reconciliations, specialty planning and predictive analysis.

Deloitte’s capabilities

Our deep knowledge and experience with EPM projects enable us to serve you with a holistic consulting and solution approach in the design, implementation and ongoing support of OneStream solutions.

Our international network and professionals all over the world can actively support you in your search for innovative solutions for consolidation, budgeting, planning, reporting and analysis. With our OneStream expertise, we support leading companies every day in transforming their organisation to become more efficient.

We apply proven methods, tools and best practices to ensure that the solution meets your requirements.

Our approach

  • We use our vision and analysis of the current situation to identify pain points and opportunities as well as outline a high-level solution concept and design
  • Based on the individual analysis, we work together with you to develop a detailed solution design and a roadmap that will enable a smooth, efficient implementation
  • We support you in managing the process – focusing on the important details but also never forgetting the big picture. Due to the nature of EPM projects, we rely on a flexible and results-driven approach that provides the best possible outcomes via rapid prototyping and agile adaptation (if needed)

As part of your team, we support you personally on site with extensive experience and know-how, which covers both the technical as well as the organizational dimensions. We always build on proven methods, tools and best-practices to ensure that the solution meets your requirements.

Deloitte contacts: Thea Caminada and Matthias Kirschbaum