SAP S/4HANA Logistics

Redesign and renew your supply chain with SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA revolutionizes the ERP paradigm in dramatically improving performance and productivity. First the availability of real-time data leads to better decision making in production, inventory management, delivery, and so forth. Secondly the Fiori interface provides a specialized environment dedicated to the expertise of each user.

Embrasse the Exponential Supply Chain

Disruptions of the supply chain are multiple and occur frequently. Order cancellation and changes in dates and quantities either from customers or vendors require an agile supply chain to handle these changes on short notice.

At the heart of the supply chain is the information system that gather data, analyse them, and distribute them to all involved parties. If the pulse of the ERP heart is not rapid enough, it cannot sustain the relationships between the parties and the supply chain is at stake as issues are not properly solved on-time.

Finally the amount of data that has to be handled is booming for two main reasons:

  • The lot size of one
  • The Internet of Things

Both create large volume of data within the supply chain. Under such constraints standard ERPs simply fail to provide information from across the enterprise in real-time.

That is where SAP S/4HANA makes a difference. It can handle large volume of data making processes more efficient, and achieving a better productivity.

How Deloitte can help

Develop your SAP S/4HANA case with Deloitte

Customized Business Value with Deloitte's SAP S/4HANA Business Case Offerings for moving from technology adoption towards value creation:

  1. Define value drivers
  2. Build a business case
  3. View use case demonstrations
  4. Define roadmap
  5. Conduct necessary assessments
  6. Build proof of concept as needed
SAP S/4HANA placemat: The New Digital Core

Jump-start your project with the Logistics Lab

Beyond the technical migration of the ERP to SAP S/4HANA the project has to accomplish a transformation of the key processes. The transformation is a long lasting exercise, and often the question is how do we get started? The Deloitte answer is our Greenhouse Lab concept. Deloitte Greenhouse Lab offer an immersive experience designed to jump-start our ability to tackle your business problems with SAP S/4HANA.

The Greenhouse Lab approach is based on the Design Thinking concept. Design Thinking is a problem-solving technic that emphasizes the generation of ideas, the experimentation, and stays focus on human-centered issues. The typical target of a Lab session is to explore some specific challenges or issues, align on one approach and to create valuable output during an offsite day.

Client case study I: Get ready for the digitization challenge

Extended Supply Chains have to keep pace with the digital economy. Industry 4.0 innovations, the Internet of Things, advanced robotics, supply chain analytics, and big data are the new differentiators of the global economy. Deloitte provides strategic guidance specific to your business based on leading practices backed by Deloitte’s experience. Supported by an extensive repository of industry solutions Deloitte helps your team in defining and prototyping the intended end stage for your company.

Client case study II: D-Life on the Cloud

The Deloitte Life Sciences Industry Enabler

There is an innate need for present day Life Sciences organizations to keep up pace with rapid digitization, changing regulatory compliances and evolving global business challenges. With ever evolving landscapes, these organizations have to be agile in adapting new business models and technological trends.

D-Life on the Cloud solution maximizes client’s value by combining Deloitte’s expertise in Life Sciences industry with SAP S/4 HANA capabilities to migrate organizations into the digitized world at much faster pace.

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