TMT Predictions 2014

Stay on top of what's happening in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications industries with the 2014 Predictions. Drawn from experience in these key markets, the 2014 TMT predictions provide an insider's view of the latest trends in TMT.


Switzerland CIO Survey 2013

Welcome to the first Deloitte CIO Survey for Switzerland. A total of 56 corporate CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and senior IT executives participated. 

Technology Advisory


Technology Advisory

Business depends on technology as never before – to drive transformation, productivity and global operations. But technology is not a goal in itself, and initiatives need to be tightly linked to specific, measurable business goals risks. We understand the specific needs of your business, develop practical business solutions based on our deep insights and experience, and can bring change that produces results.

Our teams take pride in giving open and honest advice that serves your agenda, not that of a supplier, software vendor or hardware vendor. We can support you in putting advice into practice and establishing an environment to continue the delivery of benefits long after we have left.

IT strategy

Businesses are changing ever more rapidly in response to market pressures and a quest for higher levels of efficiency - and IT is expected to not only keep pace with this change, but to drive it. But many IT departments are left behind by the pace of changing demands and priorities in the business and struggle to keep up with the expectations today - let alone provide the capabilities required for the future.

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IT effectiveness

The recent economic downturn has forced companies to examine many aspects of their operations. Firms have refocused on their value propositions and are increasingly challenging enabling functions like IT to deliver more.

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IT cost reduction

70% of major companies are either running or planning a cost reduction programme, and as IT can constitute up to 20% of an enterprise’s cost base, it is an obvious target. However, most IT cost reduction programmes lack ambition - two-thirds were only aiming for single-digit cost savings.

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Cloud services

The hype curve for cloud computing is at an all-time high, for pretty good reasons. The convergence of Internet technologies, virtualization and large-scale data centers has created a powerful new way to deliver services, with many companies already putting clouds to work. Cloud computing can help increase agility, decrease costs and improve service delivery capabilities – and it can happen fast.

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Social business

The rise of social computing has positioned many enterprises at a tipping point, where social technologies, platforms, strategies and programs have the ability to drive business decisions, actions and outcomes across an enterprise’s ecosystem. Social Business is a concept that goes beyond the buzz of social media networks; it’s a practice that can enable more efficient, effective and net-new connections inside and outside your organization to drive performance.

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Enterprise mobility

There are few things more frustrating to workers than the difference between the technology they use as consumers, and what is approved for use in the business environment. CIOs feel that pain too, but they also know what can happen when organizations dive into a new technology without enough planning. Unintended side effects can quickly ambush whatever business goals you had in mind, inhibit progress of critical IT initiatives and delay business benefits.

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Major programme review and assurance

Under pressure to show growth in fiercely competitive markets, major banks have continued to drive down costs as a proportion of income, some to around 45pc. Can they reduce them any further? What would they have to do to get to 30pc?

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IT sourcing & procurement

CIOs have a wider choice of IT sourcing options than ever. Outsourcing continues to be in vogue. And while there may be powerful cost arguments, the experience of early adopters has highlighted the pitfalls that can result in acrimonious – and public – disputes. Off-shoring is also high on the agenda, extending beyond its traditional focus on application development into new areas such as helpdesks and remote IT service management. But what are the risks, and what is right for your company? Even the straightforward procurement of commodity hardware and software brings its challenges, with a complex and sophisticated supplier market and increasing board scrutiny of IT spend.

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Shared services & business process outsourcing advisory

Shared services and outsourced centres are no longer a radical new idea or simply about cost-cutting. They have become mainstream business strategies that repeatedly create value for organisations beyond cost reduction.

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Enterprise Content Management

Companies across all industries are faced with the growing volume, variety and velocity of unstructured data and, at the same time, are becoming increasingly dependent on timely information to integrate with their business processes for optimal decision making, to respond to ever increasing regulatory pressure or to address the need to have sufficient transparency on their critical business transactions in case of litigations.

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Business Intelligence

Have you ever wondered how much better your business decisions would have been if you had the necessary information at hand to support them? For instance, how much more bargaining power you would have had with your suppliers if you had a comprehensive report on all your procurement spend or if you could reduce your global risk exposure in VAT before external audit tells you what really went wrong and fines you?

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Advanced Analytics

The current environment and market place pressures over the last 5 years have led to significant changes across the industry. The result, a market which requires organisations to increase growth whilst reducing the cost of operations, managing risk and fulfilling regulatory obligations.

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CIO Corner

CIOs rarely have time to rest. There’s always something evolving – from technology innovation and new business practices to emerging security threats and cost pressures... 


Enterprise Applications

We live in a complex and rapidly-changing business world. Within this environment major technology programmes are notoriously difficult to manage.

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