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Technology Strategy & Transformation

Deloitte’s specialists help organizations reset their IT strategy and implement the systems and solutions, including cutting-edge cloud services, to re-energize performance across the enterprise.

Today’s IT and technology leaders are the multitasking wizards at the core of every successful enterprise. They are expected not only to build, maintain, and minimize disruption to the organization’s core technology operations, but also to be innovation leaders, drivers of talent and new product gurus—all while keeping their eye squarely on the bottom line.

Deloitte’s technology strategy and transformation specialists excel at smoothing your path. We help organizations develop the strategies and implement the systems that build business value and drive performance. From system replacement to IT transformation and implementing more efficient development processes, our professionals bring deep knowledge and experience to your most complex challenges.

Deloitte’s Technology Strategy, Vision & Architecture offerings provide the vision, strategy, and roadmap for wide-scale transformations to your IT infrastructure and operations, aligning the technological changes with business goals. We work with senior leadership to set the technology direction, help you define your target state—including desired components such as cloud services and on-premises functions—and prepare the plans for the transformation.

We’ll guide you through new high-level enterprise architecture as well as architectures for applications, data, and infrastructure. And we’ll help you select your technology vendors, providing guidance on complex issues such as the interaction between solution components to work toward a successful outcome and deliver performance, security, and scalability.

The Deloitte approach to Business of Technology Transformation will help your organization drive increased value from your day-to-day technology operations. Our teams support your IT ecosystem in areas such as cost reduction, design, governance, benchmarking performance, and selecting and managing outsourced solutions.

One of the biggest challenges facing IT and technology leaders is improving business agility and time-to-market. Our Enterprise Technology Agility Advisory teams will support you to engage the business sooner earlier in the development lifecycle to deliver systems faster. Working closely with Cloud Engineering and Systems Engineering teams, they will guide you though change-management processes and enhance your capabilities to take pilot projects and run with them to efficient, successful deployment. Ask how they can work with you on coaching, training, design of Agile development processes, refining KPIs, program management, and other deliverables.

Deloitte’s ServiceNow offering is a leading-edge tool to help businesses optimize their functions in IT service management and IT business management, HR services and governance, risk and compliance. ServiceNow’s next-generation cloud platform and our experts’ insights and sector knowledge combine to help you transform performance across your enterprise.

Also helping to transform business, the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing industries and delivering quantum leaps in productivity. But its technological complexities require deep knowledge and attention to detail. Deloitte IoT Strategy & Architecture services provide clients with strategy, vision, roadmaps, and architecture to deploy and integrate IoT technology into their operations. We work with you to identify IoT opportunities, set the technology direction, and design the architecture, advising on key components such as sensors, big data ingestion and analysis, real-time processing, and integration with your other IT systems.

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