Finance Digital Technologies

Trufa is made for the business user with business know-how. Data scientist or data engineering knowledge may be helpful but is not required.

In contrast to traditional BI offerings, which only offer visualization of facts, Trufa delivers analysis of the content of data, it delivers the hypothesis as well as reasons. Trufa hat built-in knowledge of the semantic of SAP ERP including its customizing.

Based on the thorough understanding of business processes, Trufa works as an electronic advisor and highlights areas with potential improvement either in economic outcome or in improvements and simplification of processes.

Trufa Use Cases

  • Compliance, Efficiency & Simplification of Enterprise Processes
    Business processes are a key element in organizing enterprises. Accordingly, they are crucial when it comes to improving the economic outcome of the enterprise. This is why implementing processes in an ERP system requires plenty of effort and consideration. However, measuring the quality of enterprise processes and learning how to improve based on such measurements presents a challenge as well.
  • Working Capital & Cash Management
    Identification of opportunities to reduce inventory, optimization of payment terms or accounts receivable & payable
  • Revenue & Margin Growth
    Optimization of profits by analysing customer satisfaction, product profitability, or pricing
  • Turnaround & Restructuring Strategy/Drivers
    Identification of low performing products, plants, countries, or complexity reduction potentials
  • Supply Chain Optimization & Strategic Sourcing
    Optimization of supplier network, inventory levels and purchase prices, analysis of customer payment history or plant profitability
  • Target Setting & Planning Support
    Identification of realistic targets, of profit drivers and simulation of impacts of measures
  • S/4HANA Implementation Preparation
    Identification of current ERP usage patterns, configuration complexity and their business benefits

Deloitte contacts: Davide Botta and Nathalie Ruttia