Matthias Schaad Mettler

Assetbox Audit & Assurance

Senior Manager

Matthias Schaad Mettler

Pfingstweidstrasse 11

8005 Zurich


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At Deloitte, Matthias is responsible for the provision of managed compliance and risk management services to asset managers and fund management companies in Switzerland (“Assetbox”-offering). Furthermore, he provides regulatory advice for FINMA- od SRO licensing requirements and supports clients in tailoring and implementing national and international regulation.

Matthias has joined Deloitte after having served as Chief Compliance Officer of the Swiss subsidiaries of an international Insurance group and after having managed or lead several regulatory projects. When acting as General Manager of a FINMA approved self-regulatory organisation, Matthias enforced AML and CISA compliance at 1100 financial intermediaries under his watch. He then also established and headed a professional organization for asset managers in Switzerland. Matthias is well connected with regulators and authorities, both domestic and foreign.