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Visualisation is about story telling

Innovative use of images and interactive technology to explore large, high-density data sets.

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Some of our clients are overwhelmed by the data they must understand to successfully run their businesses, and are not able to activate these assets as a flexible and valuable instrument for decision making. Leveraging existing consumer data assets to their full extent, and carrying consumer insights into the wider organisation is a challenging task. 

The challenge

Visualisation is the process of presenting data visually in a form that allows rapid understanding of relationships and findings that are not readily evident from raw data.

Through the use of images, interactive technologies and spatial, temporal, and social network displays, Visualisation takes advantage of how our brains are wired to help unlock data and reveal hidden patterns. Using color, shape, size, location and direction, large amounts of data can be presented at one time.

Our unique approach to visualise big amount of data in a business context creates new perspectives for decision makers. A key success factor to visualise data in a useful manner is an understanding of the involved data in context of the business. Deloitte combines advanced Visualisation tools with excellent business process experience to accomplish the goal: A picture says more than thousand words. Empowering clients and colleagues (across all business units) to base decisions on facts and data.

How can we help

These capabilities are about turning raw data into compelling, lively consumer stories. Capabilities include:

  • Data Acquisition, Management and Documentation
  • Data Preparation
  • Value-add analysis through the use of Visualisation software
  • Pattern, trend and relationship spotting
  • Data Implication and Synthesis
  • Industry Application
  • Problem-solving
  • Data flows
  • Guidance in application usage and data preparation