Optimising value from capital projects


Optimizing value from capital projects

Orchestrating success

Major projects of this scale often have a capital value greater than the turnover of many large, listed companies and it can often feel like a high-wire act to lead them to a successful conclusion.

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Capital projects represent a major investment for any organization and are becoming increasingly complex in many sectors. Common challenges include:

  • Establishing the optimum delivery strategy and governance structures 
  • Accessing the appropriate finance to maintain competitive advantage
  • Allocating investment efficiently to maximize benefits, mitigate risks, and remove waste
  • Managing increasingly diverse stakeholder relationships and greater public scrutiny 
  • Creating and maintaining oversight and foresight through information management
  • Controlling cost and improving value for money
  • Managing projects with unique cultural, regulatory, and contractual risks
  • Delivering an operation, not just an asset — achieving operational readiness to deliver an integrated, effective operation from day one
Investing and delivering projects with confidence

Enhancing performance across the project lifecycle

Deloitte’s market-leading Infrastructure & Capital Projects (I&CP) team has helped set up, build and operate many of the world’s largest and most complex capital projects. The team offers a unique blend of financial, operational and technical services across the entire project lifecycle.

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Thanks to the breadth of our I&CP team's experience across the infrastructure sector and the depth of our capabilities, the team is in a unique position to offer a service that provides an exceptional level of insight and an over-arching view of the issues that will block or drive the success of major projects.

Making a success of multi-billion dollar projects that extend over several years is 50% competence and 50% confidence. Deloitte provides clients with both. 


Pablo Herrera

Pablo Herrera

Managing Partner Deloitte Private

Pablo Herrera es actualmente Managing Partner de Deloitte Private. Desde 2009, lanzó, desarrolló y dirigió la práctica de Asesoría Financiera en Chile hasta 2018, incluidos servicios de asesoría tales... Más

Marcelo Castañeda

Marcelo Castañeda

Senior Manager, Modelamiento Financiero

Marcelo es responsable del área de Financial Modelling, la cual incluye revisión y construcción de modelos financieros de alta complejidad. También se ha especializado en entrenar a ejecutivos en mode... Más